We're traveling across Canada, raising a Million Dollars and funding amazing community passion projects.

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Jason Ranchoux, JCI National Past President

Sheldon Gardiner, Volinspire

Fantastic Concept!


When we support those in our community with purpose and passion we're helping to empower real positive change on a grassroots level. I'm inspired to see how this project will impact lives across Canada.

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This is a no brainer to get involed with. Advertising on a massive scale and a positive story to share to our network. We`re excited to be a part of this positive movement.

Kevin Lavigne, Reid & Associates Financial Solutions Ltd

I absolutely love this idea. An incredible concept to help make change in communities across Canada and give local businesses something positive to get behind. I'm in!

...your business will get an incredibly powerful story for your social media channels

By Helping Us Fund Community
Passion Projects...

Building A Powerful Social Impact

What happens if we raise more than $1,000,000?

How do we choose projects?

Well, I guess we will have to add some more space on the bus and find some more great projects!


Projects will be decided upon on it's sustainability, potential for success, resource requirements, action plan, and potential community impact.

How does the project cover operating expenses etc?

What happens if the bus breaks down and we are stuck in the middle of Canadian nowhere?

The project is split into two fundraising models, individual donations, and business advertising. The business advertising is run as a social enterprise so all revenue after operating expenses is donated to community impact projects.

We commit to making sure that these community projects get funding so we will push the bus across Canada if we have to but we're also very confident the generosity of Canadian mechanics will keep us on the road.

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