The Million Dollar Bus Project
Funding passion projects with purpose

What is the Million Dollar Bus?

A passion project to jump start passion projects.

The Million Dollar Bus is a national PR and fundraising engine to help fund meaningful community passion projects across Canada.

We’re selling off the entire outside of the bus in 1″ x 1″ squares, to raise $1 Million Dollars to give away to individuals and groups, affecting change into lives and communities all across the country.

Million Dollar Bus bus

Why are we giving away a Million Dollars???

We’re passionate about passion projects.

With the right passion project, you can change the world and The Million Dollar Bus plans to do just that.

Last year our founder, Ryan Lancaster, started his own passion project (Scale My Life) and it completely changed his life.

Now with the Million Dollar Bus, he plans to create a grassroots movement to find the most amazing projects and most inspiring people and help bring their dreams to life.

Million Dollar Bus Ideas

What the heck is a passion project??

A passion project can be anything that drives you and pushes you to invest everything you have into a sole purpose or focus.

We will be focusing our efforts on 8 main categories:

  1. Social
  2. Environmental
  3. Agricultural
  4. Artistic
  5. Health/Sport
  6. Entrepreneurial
  7. Indigenous
  8. Trades

A perfect example is our first local passion project, the Okanagan Makerspace.

Million Dollar Bus Makers

The Makerspace is part of a global movement of community spaces where anyone can come in to do projects, learn to use tools or develop their ideas in a fun, collaborative environment.

By helping to fund this space, we can not only bring the dream of a Makerspace to the Okanagan but also foster passion projects for years to come!

 So why should you support the Million Dollar Bus project?

Why it matters to you:

Million Dollar Bus Canada

You can literally change people lives

We all want to be able to support important causes but so often we’re not able to see how our support has made a difference.

With the Million Dollar Bus, you will see your donations in action, directly impacting communities and individuals that need your help.

The possibilities of funding passion projects are endless and the power of helping people is exponential!

Be a part of something truly special

It takes a community to raise a dream and every person gets to own a small part of that accomplishment.

By buying space on the bus your name, pictures, and logos are as much a part of this journey as the projects we support.

Every square inch you buy, every positive story that we share, you get to show your connection to the impact we can make together.

This is what Canada stands for

As Canadians, we believe in standing up and helping others, in making a difference and in following our dreams.

So take action and send us photos of you, your friends, your family, or your pets, and we will connect Canada together by showing the faces of people across the country that stand united to make a difference.

Why it matters to your business:

Million Dollar Bus SMB

Powerful advertising with a powerful purpose –

There are lots of areas your business can give but none with the unique power of the Million Dollar Bus.

Our positive story and consistent stream of powerful content is an incredible way to highlight the positive action that your business represents.

By contributing even the smallest amount your business can be a huge part of the incredible impact we make locally and nationally.

Highlight your business in a unique way –

Buying advertising on the Million Dollar Bus will allow your business to be seen by thousands of local people.

Plus tens of thousands of people across the country.

Plus hundreds of thousands of people on our website.

The powerful social content you need –

Your business will get a constant flow of powerful social media content for you to share to your network.

By sharing you can highlight to your customers what your business stands for and the impact your support has made to peoples lives both locally and across Canada.

The Millon Dollar Question: Will you support the Million Dollar Bus?

Million Dollar Bus $1M Bus
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